The BIG Survey for Care leavers 2017

Closed 1 Apr 2018

Opened 29 Jan 2018


Hello You!

We want to make sure that YOUR RIGHTS are respected and you are treated fairly. The BIG survey gets sent out once a year and it would be great if you could help us to find out more about your views on being in care and your ideas on how we could improve the care system. 

The questions in the BIG survey come from young people that have been in care, Corporate Parenting Board and staff working with young people. All the Big Bosses love to hear your Views and this is the PERFECT opportunity to tell them exactly what you think.

Please help us by completing this questionnaire.

If you complete the survey and send it back to us by 28th February 2018 then we will send you a £10 voucher to say thank you! Your details will be kept separate from the questionnaire so it will still be anonymous.

If you have any questions or need help to complete it, please contact the Children’s Rights Team on 01483 519464 or email us at


Thank you

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