Early Years Funding Proposal and Consultation for 2020/21

Closed 18 Nov 2019

Opened 23 Oct 2019


The paper attached provides an outline of the proposal for Early Years Funding for 2020/21. We would like to invite you to read the document and to ask your opinion on some key elements of the proposal with a summary of responses to the consultation to be presented to Schools Forum on 14 November 2019. The Survey will be open from 23 October to 18 November 2019.

The paper provides a breakdown of how the National Funding Formula will be apportioned, highlighting our priorities and aspirations for the year ahead. We are focusing on targeted funding to support SEND and the most disadvantaged groups through Early Identification and Intervention. This represents a significant commitment  to supporting the implementation of the Early Years Profile of Need and Graduated Response model, launched this term, to ensure that all children can access the right support at the right time in the right place and to facilitate Early Years professionals to ensure that all Surrey children are supported to achieve their best outcomes.

We value your opinions and feedback and would like to thank you for completing this consultation document.



  • All Areas


  • Voluntary, community and faith sector organisations


  • Organisations that receive grant funding