Home To School Travel Assistance Policy Consultation

Closed 31 Mar 2022

Opened 22 Feb 2022


Surrey County Council’s Home to School Travel Assistance Policy explains the eligibility criteria for travel assistance for children, with and without special educational needs, of statutory school age (5-16 years old), for children under 5 and for young people aged 16-19 and 19-25 and describes how the Council fulfils its duties and exercises its discretionary powers as set out in the Education Act 1996 and subsequent legislation and guidance.

The Council is refreshing the Home to School Travel Assistance Policy in several key areas, including the introduction of collection points and further promotion and implementation of Independent Travel Training (ITT). The policy will help align the Authority’s commitment to move away from a being a school transport service, to adopting a new a travel assistance model, with an increased focus on sustainability and Surrey’s green agenda.

An overview of the proposed changes to the policy can be found in the 'Proposed Changes Guide' document at the bottom of this page under ‘Related’. We strongly recommend that you download and read the 'Proposed Changes Guide’ before completing the consultation.

How to Get Involved

The consultation starts on Tuesday 22 February 2022 and runs for a period of 28 working days until midnight Thursday 31st March.

You can get involved by either:

  1. Completing the Survey below, click 'Online Survey'
  2. Booking into one of the virtual public meetings, to be held on Microsoft Teams Eventbrite H2S TA meeting tickets
  3. Or, you can call our Contact Centre on 03456 009 009 and ask to be booked into one of the virtual public meetings.

Privacy and accessibility  

All responses are strictly confidential, and your data will be used in-line with our data protection policy which can be found here.

This consultation and related documents is compatible with speech recognition software and screen readers. Further, Screen Reader Accessible and Large Print versions of this survey and all supporting documents can be found at the bottom of this page under 'Related'. An easy read version of the survey is also being develope

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