How was your experience contacting Surrey Children’s Single Point of Access?

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Closes 31 May 2020

Surrey Children's Single Point of Access

1. Did you contact the SPA during office hours or the Emergency Duty Team out of normal office hours?
2. Did you contact the SPA by email or by telephone?
3. Did you receive a response to your request in a timely manner?
4. Did you feel that your request was being dealt with in a professional and attentive manner?
5. Following your contact with the SPA or Emergency Duty Team, did you feel that your request was referred in a timely manner to the correct team or service?
6. Overall, how would you rate your experience of making contact with Surrey Children’s SPA? Please rate your experience from 1 to 4, with 1 being inadequate and 4 being outstanding.
7. Do you have any further comments on your experience contacting the SPA?