Customer satisfaction - experiences of the SEND system at Surrey County Council (South East Surrey)

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Closes 15 Jun 2020


1. To what extent do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements

I felt listened to
I felt understood
I received information and advice that felt relevant to me
I felt I was kept informed about what would happen next and by when
It felt easy to make contact with Surrey County Council
Overall I feel satisfied with the experience

2. Please leave any comments

3. Please select the stage in SEND journey that best describes your contact with us at this time

Descriptions of stages in SEND journey

Receiving SEN support arrangements (no education health and care plan)

Additional support is arranged by the educational setting without a need for an Educational Health and Care Plan.  You may have an Early Help Assessment and/or SEN support plan which outlines the support in place. SEN support replaces school action/school action plus (in schools) and early years action/early years action plus (in early years settings).


Formal request for education health and care plan assessment

A formal request for an education health and care plan has been made to the local authority.  A SEND case worker will be reviewing the request and supported paperwork.


Education health and care plan in progress

A SEND case worker is coordinating the assessment.  The local authority is requesting statutory advice from all relevant practitioners to allow the decision to be made as to whether an EHC plan will be prepared or there is a draft plan issued.


Education health and care plan in place

The Education Health and Care Plan has been agreed by a panel and has been issued.


Education health and care plan undergoing review

The education health and care plan is under review.  This may be an annual review or a review at your request.



You are appealing a decision made in the process.  Throughout the EHCP process there are opportunities for you to disagree with a decision that has been reached or the support being proposed.  This can be resolved through informal or formal mediation or can be escalated to a First Tier tribunal.


Statement of Special Educational Needs

A statement of Special Educational Needs is in place the process for transferring to EHCP has not been initiated.

Statement of Special Educational Needs in process of transfer

A statement of Special Educational Needs is in place and is in the process of transferring to an educational health and care plan



If none of the above apply to you or you are unsure, please select other and add a note about what contact you are currently having with Surrey County Council regarding a child or young person with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.


4. If you would like us to contact you about your comments today, please leave your name and contact details