Surrey Outreach User Audit

Closes 10 Dec 2021

Opened 12 Nov 2021


Surrey County Council are committed to ensuring:

  • That all mainstream schools aspire to be Inclusive Schools
  • That more children and young people can be supported in mainstream schools
  • The need for assessment or intervention within a school is not reliant on an EHCPs
  • That mainstream schools feel confident and equipped to support children with more complex needs
  • That mainstream schools can access the training, advice and support that that they need in order to support children with more complex needs.
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion are key to targeted and flexible models of delivery


The role of Surrey Outreach Services is to improve outcomes for all children and young people with SEND by helping schools to meet a wider range of needs.

The Surrey Special Schools who offer Outreach, work with mainstream schools to promote inclusive whole school practice, and the planning and development of their provision, making the most efficient use of resources.


Why your views matter

To achieve these key principles, we would like to take this opportunity to engage with the key users - our Surrey Schools - to determine and understand your views on the future of the Outreach offer, as well as establish what is working well currently. 

 Gathering your views will help us to work towards the re-design of the Outreach offer and help us measure the impact and success so that: 

  • Children are enabled to remain in mainstream and make progress
  • Fewer children transfer from mainstream to special schools
  • EHCPs are only issued when the children or young people needs cannot be met through SEND support
  • Children can be supported to be educated in their local community
  • The attainment gap between vulnerable, disadvantaged children and their peers is reduced.

Give us your views


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