Your views on Surrey County Council's Draft Vision for Surrey by 2030

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Closes 3 Sep 2018

Our ambition for people

By 2030 we want Surrey to be a uniquely special place that capitalises on its location and natural assets, where everyone has a great start to life, people live healthy and fulfilling lives, everyone is enabled to achieve their full potential and contribute to their community and no one is left behind.

To achieve this we have set a number of ambitions for the people of Surrey. Please say to what extent do you agree or disagree with each of these.

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Surrey is an affluent county, where the majority of people have a good quality of life:

  • With 94% of Surrey’s schools rated good or outstanding, our pupils are more likely to get good qualifications compared to others across the South East;
  • Residents are more likely to live for longer than others across the South East and England;
  • Residents have more disposable income compared to the national average - £27,000 gross disposable income per head compared to £19,000;
  • People in Surrey are more likely to be physically active and have good levels of health and wellbeing compared other people across the South East and England. 

While this is good news for residents, this also comes with challenges. Surrey’s prosperity can mask the issues some may face:

  • As the population ages, this will put more demand on health and social care services. By 2030, nearly 50% more older people will live in a care home, approximately 7,000 more will have dementia and nearly 28,000 more will be at risk of feeling isolated and poor mental health from living alone;
  • Nearly three in five adults are classed as overweight or obese and just over 42,000 are estimated to have an alcohol problem; and
  • Over 23,000 children are living in poverty, disadvantaged pupils do half as well as their peers in GCSE English and Maths, and by 2021, it is predicted that 24,000 children aged 0-15 years will need a mental health support service.

Our ambition for people is for:

Children and young people to be safe and feel safe, healthy and make good choices about their wellbeing
Young people to be equipped with the confidence and skills to succeed in life
People to live healthy, active and fulfilling lives, independently in their local community with choice and control
People to access the right health and social care at the right time in the right place
People to access information and services to help prevent, reduce and delay the need for care and support

Thinking again about these ambitions for people in Surrey, which of these do you think are the most important to you? Please select up to 3 of these.