Draft Travel Assistance Policy for Children and Young People with SEND 0-25yrs

Closed 29 Sep 2017

Opened 3 Jul 2017

Feedback expected 17 Nov 2017


From October 2017, Surrey County Council is implementing a new model of SEND Travel Assistance to support children and young people get to school, college, or placement.

The council is committed to supporting our residents when and where appropriate through a variety of ‘assistance’ options. Every child is different and every family situation is unique.  Therefore while the council expects this policy will apply to nearly all children and young people with SEND, there are processes in place to respond to exceptional needs.  Please see the section on ‘Advanced Needs Protocol’ for more information.

This policy sets out Surrey County Council’s arrangements for assisting parents in meeting their duty through explaining the ‘travel assistance’ offer for children and young people aged 0-25 who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or Statement of Special Educational Needs (SSEN).

This policy once finalised will take effect in 1st September 2018, although parents and carers will be able to request to use this new policies facilities from October 2017.

What Happens Next

The consultation on this draft policy closes on the 3rd of July 2017.

All the comments and feedback will be reviewed by the SEND Transport Commissioning Team, Transport Co-ordination Centre and Schools and Learning.

Responses will be grouped together where there is consistent feedback.

Responses will be reviewed against the SEND Transport Commissioning Programmes core goals:

  • Improving the independence of children and young people.
  • Making the system more efficient.
  • Designed in collaboration with others.
  • Improving our users experience.
  • Developing our providers.

Responses will also be reviewed based on the outcomes for children, young people and families the SEND Transport Commissioning Programme has set out:

       Primary Outcome                                      Secondary Outcome


All children arrive on time and be ready to learn.

  1. Children experience a consistent and timely service to reduce uncertainty and anxiety.
  2. Children travel for the minimum amount of time possible to get to school.
  3. Children are relaxed and ready to learn each day.


Children are safe and supported to access education.

  1. Children be supported to travel to school effectively if required.
  2. Children are protected from harm.
  3. Children are enabled to travel independently where possible.


Parents/carers and families have confidence in their children’s transport offer.

  1. Parents/carers have trust and confidence in their children’s transport arrangements.
  2. Parents/carers feel supported to develop their own family life balance.
  3. Parents/carers have ownership of decision making related to their children’s travel.

Finally, the SEND Transport Commissioning Programme will publish a response document following all the feedback received.



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