Farnham Library Tree Planting Consultation

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Closes 31 Jan 2020

Farnham Library Tree Planting Options

Surrey County Council following the failure and subsequent removal of the mature Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) occupying the centre of the upper garden at Farnham Library would like to give the general public, and Library users a say on the proposed options for replacement tree planting within the area. With the planting to occur before the end of March 2020.

We therefore consult on the following replanting options of species which are widely available from UK nurseries, with a brief description of the species, its ornamental attributes and desired landscaping effect.

Please note that SCC would implement a watering and aftercare regime for any planted tree(s) for a period of up to 2 years post planting and would of course replace any planting failures in autumn/winter of the same year. 

Please choose from the following tree planting options, options 1-2 require a Yes/No answer and then option 3 requires the respondent to choose a maximum of 3 tree species only.

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Option 1. Plant 1x specimen size c.3-4m tall Platanus orientalis (Oriental Plane) as a central specimen to allow to grow to maturity (15-20m tall at maturity) and fill the space, eventually forming a wide/low canopy and act as a focal specimen.
Option 2. Plant 1x specimen size c.3-4m tall Cedrus brevifolia (Cypriot Cedar) as a central specimen close to the original high stump of the original felled Cedar to allow to grow to maturity and fill the space acting as a focal specimen, eventually forming an evergreen tree to 15-20m tall at maturity.
Option 3. Please select 3 tree species only from the list below that you would like to see planted: Planting a combination of no more than 3x 10-12cm select standard (approximately 1.8-2m tall) ornamental species widely spaced within the open area formerly occupied by the Cedars crown spread. This option introduces to the park a variety of species, diversifying the parks tree stock (building resilience) and are chosen for their small to medium stature, ornamental bark, blossom and autumn colour combinations:
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