We Are Surrey 2019 Social Value recognition awards

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Closes 30 Sep 2019

Social Value recognition awards nomination form

The awards will celebrate businesses across Surrey who are making positive contributions to communities in innovative and impactful ways. You can nominate your own business or another that you feel deserves recognition. Winners will be announced at We Are Surrey 2019.

What is Social Value?

An organisation’s Social Value is the positive impact they make because of how they conduct their business. It’s more than being socially focused - it is about making a conscious effort to ensure that the wider effects of how you conduct your business are positive, and contribute to the long-term wellbeing and resilience of individuals, communities and society in general. Social value is how your organisation takes into account the wider economic, social and environmental effects of its actions.

Businesses can make decisions both about what they do and how they do it in ways that add social value. It could include such things as corporate responsibility, sustainability policies, how you procure and who is in your supply chain, your recruitment approaches or how your staff give back to the community you operate in.

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Award categores explained

This year's award categories are aligned with the Communtiy Vision for Surrey 2030 priorities.

Supporting stronger communities

a. Helping communities become more welcoming and supportive, especially of those most in need
b. Supporting people to contribute to community life

c. Promoting healthy, active and fulfilling lives

d. Enabling everyone to benefit from education, skills and employment opportunities that help them succeed in life

e. Supporting communities so children and young people are safe and feel safe and confident.

Helping Surrey be a great place to live, work and learn

a. Contributing to clean, safe and green communities, where people and organisations embrace their environmental responsibilities.

b. Making journeys across the county easier, more predictable and safer.

c. Helping everyone have a place they can call home

d. Supporting a Diverse Surrey-based supply chain

e. Developing effective infrastructure that helps communities stay connected



3. Please provide a contact at the business you are nominating.

All organisations nominated in this year’s social value awards are required to book a representative onto the 2019 We Are Surrey conference.

Shortlisted nominees will be contacted and asked to participate in a panel discussion at the event so you should ensure that someone from your nominated organisation can attend before submitting the nomination.

If a nomination is received where a representative is unable to attend the event this will be taken into consideration when shortlisting the award winners.