2019 Consultation Phase 1

Closed 24 Feb 2019

Opened 9 Jan 2019


Highways Transport & Environment 2018/2019 - Consultation

You are invited to submit your comments on any aspect of the Highways Transport & Environment 2018/2019 Consultation

The consultation period OPENS at noon on Wednesday 09 January and CLOSES at midnight on Friday 22nd February 2019.

All feedback will be submitted to DLT for full consideration prior to the proposals being finalised.

Identifying your group in Section 1 is a mandatory field, however providing your name, post title and team are optional.

A summary of the feedback will be published (anonymously) at the end of the consultation period.

Please note that feedback will not be responded to on an individual basis, other than specific questions regarding the consultation process where appropriate. Your line manager or group manager may also be able to answer your query, or alternatively look on our  s-net pages.



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