A30 London Road, Bagshot - Public Information and Feedback

Closed 12 Sep 2018

Opened 16 Aug 2018


A30 London Road - Widening of existing footway to create shared footway/cycleway

As part of Surrey County Council's commitment to provide safe sustainable transport routes throughout the county, we would like to make you aware of a new cycleway to be built along part of the A30 London Road.

Currently cyclists wishing to travel between the residential/business hubs of Bagshot and Camberley along the A30 are not well provided for as they do not have a continuous facility.  Shared off-carriageway facilities (suitable for both pedestrians and cyclists) are currently in place between Camberley town centre and beyond to the west, and eastwards towards the Jolly Farmer roundabout (A30 London Road / A325 Portsmouth Road / The Maultway).   In addition there is a short section of shared off-carriageway facility either side of the junction with Waterers Way (near Waitrose), that was constructed as part of the development in that area.

This leaves two sections along the route where cyclists use the carriageway where the speed limit is 40 and 50mph. This can be uncomfortable for experienced/confident cyclists and deter less confident cyclists from using this sustainable mode of transport. These two sections are between the Jolly Farmer roundabout to Waterers Way (approximately 1.2km), and between Waterers Way and Bagshot High Street (approximately 0.6km). 

Whilst Surrey County Council plans to connect Bagshot with Camberley for cyclists, currently funding is only available to construct part of the route.  As a result, the works are intended to be carried out in phases.  Phase one will be along the length of the A30 between the Jolly Farmer roundabout and Waterers Way.  This will enable the route from Camberley to connect to the existing facilities at Waterers Way, where cyclists have some facilities to filter to various parts of Bagshot. 

These phase one works will involve widening the existing footway on the southern side of the carriageway up to 2.5m, and will also require vegetation cut back/removal and repositioning of utilities. 

During the works it will be necessary to use traffic management to protect the safety of the workforce and highway users.  However, every effort will be made to minimise any impact on traffic.  For the majority of the works it will be possible to maintain two way traffic flows, due to width of the road, but there will be short periods when temporary traffic signals or stop/go boards will be required.  However, these will only be used during off peak periods to minimise delays.

It is currently envisaged that the phase one works will begin during this Autumn. 


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