Bridge Road Proposed Pedestrian Zone – Active Travel

Closed 19 Oct 2020

Opened 5 Oct 2020


As part of the Government’s Active Travel programme Surrey County Council would like to assess whether there is support for a new pedestrian zone in Bridge Road, East Molesey, to be implemented on a trial / experimental basis during the COVID-19 recovery period. As things currently stand, Bridge Road is a car dominated environment. The pavements are narrow and there isn’t much dedicated space for pedestrians, which makes social distancing a challenge. There is very little space for economic activity on the Highway itself – for example to allow cafes to put out tables and chairs, or for market stalls. The objectives of a new pedestrian zone scheme would be:


  • To provide more space for pedestrians in Bridge Road.
  • To provide space for economic activity on the Highway in Bridge Road.
  • To reduce the dominance of the car in Bridge Road.


There are two options for the length of a pedestrian zone in Bridge Road: 


  • Creek Road to Riverbank.
  • Palace Road to Riverbank.


It is proposed that the pedestrian zone would operate at the weekends and on bank holidays. There are a number of options for the hours of operation on any given day – here are some examples:


  • Day time – 9am or 10am to 4pm or 5pm.
  • Evenings – up to whatever time the restaurants / pubs close.
  • Some combination of the above


All personal information will be stored confidentially by Surrey County Council for the purposes of this project. An anonymous summary of the feedback will be provided to local councillors, and may be published to the Local Committee, which meets in public. We will make sure that no individual can be identified by this summary.


  • Elmbridge


  • All Surrey residents
  • Surrey businesses


  • Highways