Horsell Common Road, Horsell - Speed Limit Proposal

Closed 3 Mar 2022

Opened 3 Feb 2022


Thank you for your interest in our Speed Limit proposals in Horsell Common Road, Horsell. 

The legislation we must follow before introducing this scheme means that we need to allow objections and comments from the public to be considered before a final decision is reached about whether or not to go ahead with our preferred scheme in its current form.

The proposal:

Traffic Regulation Orders being promoted in connection with the provision of a Chobham to Woking cycle/footway;

1. Proposed 40mph Speed Limit Order.
2. Proposed One-way Traffic Order.
3. Proposed contra-flow cycle lane Order.

The Woking Joint Committee and Surrey Heath Local Area Committee both promoted schemes in their 2021/22 work programmes to construct a shared cycle/footway between Chobham and Woking (Horsell). Much of the route is off-road on a facility being constructed alongside the A3046 Station Road / Chobham Road, either by widening the existing footway or, where this is not present, constructing a new shared surface on the highway verge.

The facility needs to run along Horsell Common Road, but the limited extent of highway means that it must be on-road. Within this document, “the northern section” of Horsell Common Road refers to that length of the road between Littlewick Road and the A3046 Chobham Road and “the southern section” refers to the length between South Road and Littlewick Road.

To make this on-road section of the route as user-friendly as possible, it is proposed to reduce the speed limit on both the northern and southern sections of Horsell Common Road from the current national speed limit (60mph) to 40mph. Speed surveys undertaken in the southern section in May 2021 and in both sections during August 2021 indicate that such a reduction would be appropriate and in accordance with Surrey County Council’s Speed Limit Policy. The proposed reduction is also supported by Surrey Police.

In addition, due to the restricted width of both sections of the road, it is proposed to make the southern section one-way in a northbound direction only (i. e. from South Road towards Littlewick Road). The northern section already effectively operates as a northbound one-way road due to there being no entry into that section from the A3046 Chobham Road. However, this will not be formalised, and the northern section will remain as two-way due to it being the sole access route for several properties, residents and visitors of which would otherwise be required at all times to exit northwards along the road and turn left onto the A3046, heading towards Chobham.

The traffic surveys that provided the speed data also provided traffic volume data in each direction and traffic flows in a southbound direction on the southern section of Horsell Common Road were a quarter of the northbound flows, with much traffic heading for Horsell village clearly using South Road from its junction near the Littlewick Road roundabout on the A3046 or continuing along Littlewick Road before travelling south along Horsell Birch and High Street.

Prohibiting southbound traffic on the southern section allows some of the carriageway width to be reallocated for use as a contra-flow (i. e. southbound) cycle lane.

File attachments:

If you would like to object, support, or comment on the proposal, please use the Online Survey linked at the bottom of the page, or alternatively, write to:

TRO Team, Hazel House, Merrow Lane, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7BQ

by 03rd March 2022.

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What happens next

The comments and objections will be considered by Lucy Monie. We will write to you again to let you know the outcome.



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