Converting our street lights to LED

Closes 17 Aug 2018

Opened 29 Jun 2018


Our engineers are currently investigating the potential to change our street lights to LED.  We would like to hear your views.

  • The vast majority of our street lights use high pressure sodium light or fluorescent bulbs 
  • When we started replacing our street lighting columns in 2009 LED street lighting was not a proven technology 
  • The benefits today now outweigh the costs of installation
  • Our plans are to replace the light bulb and the control unit in each street light

We will be taking a detailed proposal to the Council's Cabinet in the Autumn. 

Unfortunately we are not able to reply to individual comments but we will publish responses to the most frequently asked questions on our web page:


Why We Are Consulting

We are taking our proposals to the Council's Cabinet in the Autumn for a decision.  We want to ensure that these proposals are comprehensive and take into consideration the views of residents and road users in Surrey.

Please Give Us Your Views


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