Feedback Form for the Proposed Local List for County Matter and County Development Planning Applications

Closed 11 Jun 2017

Opened 18 Apr 2017


Surrey County Council, as the County Planning Authority (CPA), has a statutory duty to control three categories of development within Surrey. These relate to:

- mineral workings (extraction, processing etc) like sand, gravel or clay.
- waste recycling, recovery, processing or disposal
- County own development including schools, fire stations and roads (Regulation 3).



Why We Are Consulting

Local authorities are required to produce local lists (validation checklists) of the information that are required for planning applications. Paragraph 44 of the National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG) requires all planning authorities to review their validation checklists, consult on amended checklists, and then adopt the amended checklists every two years.

In April 2014 Surrey County Council formally adopted a Local List for the Validation of County Development and County Matters Planning Applications. The Planning Department is now in the process of reviewing the local list. 

What Happens Next

Thank you to all those that provided comments during our consultation period.

All comments are now being taken into consideration and applied to the current local list documents. Our next step is to release the final version of these documents.



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