Maybury Hill, Woking Traffic Calming Measures

Closed 24 Dec 2020

Opened 26 Nov 2020

Results updated 5 Mar 2021

Maybury Hill proposed traffic calming

As a result of the statutory consultation for the proposed traffic calming measures along Maybury Hill, it has been decided to proceed with this scheme and introduce the traffic calming as advertised.

107 responses were received in support of the proposals compared with 45 objections.  Speed cameras have been suggested but their use is subject to strict criteria that are not met on Maybury Hill.  The road is not wide enough to accommodate traffic islands or chicanes.  Priority build-outs, where one flow of traffic would be required to give way to the other flow, would not be appropriate.  The vertical alignment of the road at some locations would make their use potentially dangerous due to the poor forward visibility.  Such features have little speed reducing effect if there is no approaching traffic and elsewhere along the road, where there is good forward visibility, it is possible that some drivers might increase speed in order to not have to give way to an approaching vehicle (it is not unknown for such a feature to be removed because of an increase in vehicle speeds).

An increase in pollution was mentioned in a number of the objections.  Similar concerns were raised during our initial 2017 consultation about speed reducing measures for Maybury Hill and East Hill.  These concerns are prompted by a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) report published in December 2016, which stated, “…physical speed reduction measures like humps and bumps suggested that individual measures may increase motor vehicle emissions by encouraging decelerations and accelerations.”  This report and the evidence contained in it has since been questioned, including by the Transport Research Laboratory and following a review of the evidence, NICE later concluded that “evidence from area-wide schemes does not back this up,”.  Physical traffic calming measures are still approved and accepted features.

Some requests were received to relocate individual pairs of speed cushions but this could not be achieved without either a reduction in the effectiveness of the scheme or a wider redesign of the proposals.

Having considered the objections, it has been decided to introduce the traffic calming measures as advertised.


Thank you for your interest in our traffic calming measures proposals in Maybury Hill, Woking. 

The legislation we must follow before introducing this scheme means that we need to allow objections and comments from the public to be considered before a final decision is reached about whether or not to go ahead with our preferred scheme in its current form.

The proposal:

MAYBURY HILL, WOKING (scheme reference PC0671), consisting of 8 pairs of speed cushions between Park Road and College Road.

Over the course of a number of years, concerns have been expressed about vehicle speeds and road safety in East Hill and Maybury Hill, Woking. Both roads provide direct links from the B382 Old Woking Road to Maybury and the eastern side of Woking, including the Lion Retail Park and Sheerwater. Both roads are included in Surrey County Council’s Speed Management Plan for Woking.

As a result of questionnaires that were received following a consultation exercise, including a public exhibition, several years ago, there was support from residents of both roads for physical traffic calming measures as opposed to enhanced road markings and Vehicle Activated Signs.

The Woking Joint Committee has allocated funding for the 2020/21 financial year for these schemes to be fully designed and implemented.

These proposals are intended to address those concerns and to reduce the number and severity of personal injury collisions along both roads.

MAYBURY HILL – due to the width of the road, wider speed cushions that will have a greater effect on vehicle speeds can be used along Maybury Hill and apart from minor adjustments to the location / spacing of the cushions, these proposals are as per the previous consultation and exhibition.

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If you would like to object, support, or comment on the proposal, please use the Online Survey linked at the bottom of the page, or alternatively, write to:

Kevin Patching, Hazel House, Merrow Lane, Guildford,GU4 7BQ

by 24th December 2020

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What happens next

The comments and objections will be considered by Andrew Milne. We will write to you again to let you know the outcome.



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