New Surrey Waste Local Plan - Regulation 18 Consultation

Closed 25 Nov 2016

Opened 2 Sep 2016


The Issues and Options stage is the first formal consultation in the process of preparing the new Surrey Waste Local Plan (SWLP) that will cover the period 2018 to 2033. The Plan will include policies which set out how and where waste management can take place in Surrey in future. Amongst other things, these polices will identify sites which are suitable for hosting waste management facilities.

This stage sets out the context for the new SWLP and identifies issues affecting the future management of waste which the Plan needs to address and options for addressing these issues. The Issues and Options Consultation Report proposes a draft vision and draft objectives and describes options for planning for waste management in Surrey to 2033.

In addition to the detailed Issues and Options Consultation Report we have published a simplified questionaire document which includes a summary of the process for preparing a new Surrey Waste Local Plan. This can be accessed at: 

All documents associated with the Issues and Options Consultation are available on the Planning Policy website ( These documents are as follows:

  • The Issues and Options Consultation Report
  • Surrey Waste Plan Policy Paper No.1 Context and Issues Paper
  • Capacity Estimate Scoping Statement
  • Assessment of Suitable Land Scoping Statement
  • Duty to Cooperate Scoping Statement
  • Surrey County Council Statement of Community Involvement
  • Surrey County Council Local Development Scheme


This survey below is intended to help stakeholders respond to the consultation by setting out the specific questions we would like stakeholders to consider.


  • All Areas


  • Councillors, MPs
  • Clinical commissioning groups
  • Waste management stakeholders
  • SCC staff
  • All Surrey residents


  • Policy
  • SCC staff
  • Highways
  • Waste management