Parking consultation - Elmbridge - Anderson Road, Vale Court, Cross Road

Closed 6 Nov 2017

Opened 13 Oct 2017


Please refer to this page for backgroud information about this consultation:

Thank you for taking part in our consultation.

We are aware that finding a parking space in some residential roads in Walton, Hersham and Weybridge can sometimes be difficult for residents. So we would like to know if you think that a resident permit parking scheme would help improve the situation.

We do no not know the extent of non-resident parking relative to resident parking. If there is a significant amount of non-resident parking during the day, then a permit scheme would help free up some space for residents. If however, the roads are already almost completely occupied by residents at the moment, then such a scheme would of course not help.

We would need to have a significant majority of residents in favour of the scheme to consider taking it further, so please take just a few minutes of your time to fill in this consultation, by clicking on the Online Survey link below.

If there is sufficient support shown then we would formally propose the scheme, which would involve further consultation and opportunity to refine the details.


  • Elmbridge


  • All Surrey residents


  • Highways