Surrey Waste Local Plan - Regulation 19 Period of Representations

Closed 10 Mar 2019

Opened 14 Jan 2019


There are many pressures on land use in Surrey - this includes the need for new housing and employment. The management of waste is also a pressure and it is vital that we think carefully about how and where we want waste to be managed in the future. If waste is managed well it can be utilised as a resource, however, if it is managed poorly then it will impact negatively on our communities and the environment.

Last year we consulted on the Draft Surrey Waste Local Plan, which included potential sites and policies which will inform how Surrey County Council will make planning decisions on new waste management facilities between 2018 and 2033.

Surrey County Council is now inviting representations on the Submission Waste Local Plan 2018 for examination by an independent planning inspector, who will assess whether the Plan has been prepared in line with the relevant legal requirements and whether it has met the tests of soundness.


Data protection

We cannot accept anonymous representations and ask that you provide your name, postal address and email. All information will be sent for examination by an independent inspector. The representations made will be published on the Surrey County Council website, this will include names but will not contain personal information such as telephone numbers, emails or addresses.

As per General Data Protection Regulation (2018) all data will be retained for 5 years on the council's secure system in accordance with our countywide Data Retention Schedule. For more information on how the information you provide will be used, please read our Minerals and Waste Privacy Notice.

The council reserves the right not to publish or take into account any representations which are openly offensive or contain comments that do not accord with the Equalities Act 2010.

By clicking on Online Survey, you are agreeing that your data can be used in accordance with the statement above. Please note that if you do not consent for your data to be used, you will not be able to comment on the Waste Local Plan.


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