New Surrey Waste Local Plan responding to the consultation

Closed 7 Feb 2018

Opened 1 Nov 2017


There are many pressures on the use of land in Surrey – this includes the need for new homes and employment. The management of waste is also a pressure and it’s really important that we think carefully about how and where we want waste to be managed in the future.

If waste is managed well it is a resource that can be used to make things and to produce energy but, if it isn’t, it can impact negatively on our communities and environment.

The Surrey Waste Local Plan will include a strategy and policies to ensure we maximise the benefits and minimise any negative impacts from waste management. It helps provide certainty for communities and developers, like waste management companies, about how and where the management of waste can take place. The current plan was adopted in 2008 so work is taking place to review and update it.

Last year we consulted on the issues and options and the responses we received were used to prepare a draft of a new plan.

We are now asking for views on the draft plan, which includes potential sites and policies which will inform how Surrey County Council will make decisions on new waste management facilities between 2018 and 2033. This consultation is the main opportunity for you to influence the contents of the Plan before it is submitted to the Secretary of State for independent examination.

Your responses to the questions below will be used to inform the next stage in preparing the new Surrey Waste Local Plan. We plan to consult on the next draft of the plan in 2018.

To access all draft waste plan documents please visit The Surrey Waste Local Plan 2018 webpage.

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