Surrey domestic abuse service provision

Closed 17 Apr 2017

Opened 20 Mar 2017


Surrey county council is committed to tackling domestic violence and abuse. Domestic violence and abuse is more than physical violence. It involves the use of power by one adult over another. It can affect anyone regardless of race, age, gender or sexuality.

Domestic violence and abuse is the physical, emotional, verbal, sexual or financial abuse of one person by another with whom they have or have had an intimate or family-type relationship. It arises from the misuse of power and control by one person over another. It is rarely a one-off event, but tends to escalate in frequency and severity over time. We are currently looking at the way domestic violence and abuse services are commissioned in Surrey, and would like your views.

This short survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. The Survey is only open to people over the age of 16 that currently live in Surrey. Although it is anonymous to complete, we will ask a little about you such as which part of Surrey you live in. You can change your mind throughout any point in the survey by simply exiting the screen.

The aim of the survey will be to let us know what is important to you as we develop a strategy going forward to commission domestic abuse services. We will use all of the feedback we receive to form our future decision making.

If you have experienced domestic abuse, there is help available; Surrey 24 hour Domestic Abuse Helpline: 01483 776822

In an emergency, always call the police 999 (emergency) 101 (non-emergency)

What Happens Next

Thank you for completing the survey, we will be reviewing the information you have given us and feeding it back to Surrey County Council.


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