Possible sites for flu vaccine outreach for the homeless

Closed 31 Jul 2020

Opened 22 Jul 2020


As part of the local activity happening within the Homeless multi-agency support work we are working with local health colleagues to develop a case for providing some form of outreach provision to enable the provision of the flu vaccine from October. 

Previous work on the health needs of this population has highlighted that take up is significantly lower in this population and given the current COVID-19 pandemic taking an approach to enable a greater uptake within the homeless population will be particularly important. I am also aware that some providers have enquired about this provision in previous years as the flu season started so starting this now provides more time to identify how this could be provided. 

At this point we are scoping out what the model might look like and identifying how it could be most effectively resourced locally. A key part of putting this together though is identifying locations and providers who agree this will be of benefit and would be willing to support this approach by providing a possible suitable location that would enable a number of people to access the flu vaccine in one place. As a result please use the following brief online form or forward it on to suitable providers / locations you area aware of through your work or networks to express an interest in hosting some form of flu vaccine outreach provision to the homeless population in Surrey. 

At this point, this is just an expression of interest and once we have finalised the model and confirmed resource we will follow this up to confirm whether this is a suitable option to maximise the outreach offer and the logistics of how it would work. It is unlikely all locations will be able to be used however having the list for future years will support further longer term annual provision.


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