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Welcome to Surrey Says. This site will help you find and participate in consultations that interest you in Surrey. Open, forthcoming and recently closed consultations are displayed below. Alternatively, search for consultations by keyword, postcode or interest. Our 'We Asked, You Said, We Did' section below highlights main findings from some closed consultations and also what happened as a result of the consultation.

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Here are some of the issues we have consulted on and their outcomes. See all outcomes

We Asked

  1. To what extent respondents agreed with priorities set
  2. Whether respondents agreed with the population groups identified
  3. The level of ambition included within the draft strategy

You Said

The engagement period ran from 27 February to 27 March 2019.

During this period, we received 160 responses to the online survey in addition to a number of emails and letters. Whilst this recent engagement exercise was not a formal consultation, it was a chance to test an evidence-based draft strategy. It is important to stress that this is only part of the engagement process as described in the draft Strategy.

We would like to thank everyone who responded and participated in the engagement around the strategy for their views and feedback. More than 80% of respondents ‘tend to agree’ or ‘strongly agree’ with the three strategy priorities and the target groups.

The responses highlighted a number of areas where we could improve the Strategy – these included:

  • Making the strategy easier to access and understand.
  • Strengthening or adding specific references to specific areas of focus including for example, domestic abuse, addressing environmental factors affecting people’s health and wellbeing, and mental health.
  • Making sure some of the language and way we described things was clearer
  • Reviewing the metrics in the strategy to ensure they captured the full range of outcomes we were trying to achieve.

We Did

Whilst we may not have always been able to fully address every concern, we have listened and will be amending the Surrey Health and Wellbeing Strategy to reflect the feedback from the engagement period.

We have amended the following in the strategy:

  • The strategy has been shortened and the language simplified.
  • The priorities within the revised strategy have been updated to reflect feedback around strengthening references to mental health, improving environmental factors that impact people’s health and wellbeing, domestic abuse and physical activity.
  • We have reviewed wording to ensure it is clear ‘substance misuse’ includes the use of illegal drugs for Priority One, and the description of population groups to focus on people living with illness and/or a disability.

The Health and Wellbeing Board also agreed that further work needed to be undertaken on measuring outcomes for the Strategy and is working with the Executive Director of Public Health to lead this work (through the Surrey Office of Data Analytics).

The new 10 year Surrey Health and Wellbeing Strategy has been published on the Healthy Surrey website and partners are now working together to translate the commitments made in the strategy into implementation plans.

Some of the feedback we received didn’t relate to the strategy document itself – for example feedback included suggestions to support implementation or focussed on issues that sit outside of the Strategy – we’ve shared that feedback with relevant leads / partners to help shape and improve services.  You can see a more detailed summary of the feedback and our response here.

We Asked

How can we reduce suicide by 10% by 2021 through the coordinated actions of our respective organisations?

  1. How can we aim for Zero suicides amongst those in Surrey health system?
  2. How can we target high risk groups?
  3. Who should lead on the areas the strategy?

You Said

The consultation period ran from 23rd June 2018 to 21 Sep 2018

During this period we received 98 online responses to the online survey. A further 110 individuals contributed through four public focus groups, key meetings with stakeholders and 1:1 interviews. We would like to thank everyone who responded and particiapted in the consultation for their views and feedback.

The main themes from the consultation responses:

  1. Zero suicides are difficult to achieve.
  2. There is no robust process to learn from suicides as a partnership.
  3. There is no details on how the new strategy will be funded
  4. There is not enough emphasis on how you will reduce suicide in carers, prison leavers and Veterans
  5. Campaigns should be co-designed with people from high risk groups
  6. Suicide is everyone’s responsibility

We Did

Whilst we may not have always been able to fully address every concern, we have listened and will be amending the Surrey Suicide prevention strategy to reflect the feedback from the consultation.

We will be amending the following in the strategy:

  • Carers’ sections
  • High risk groups to reflect veterans and prison leavers
  • Details on how we will seek to fund the strategy

A new 2019- 2022 Surrey Suicide Prevention Strategy will be published by January 2019.

Delivering a new suicide prevention strategy for Surrey

A new Surrey Suicide Prevention Strategy Partnership will be set up in early 2019. The Suicide Prevention Partnership will oversee the development and implementation of a Suicide Prevention plan. We will ensure that we embed the suggestions and recommendations from the consultation.

We Asked

We asked for your views on our proposal to amalgamate Manor Mead and Walton Leigh Schools and increase pupil numbers. These were due to be implemented in September 2018.

You Said

A total of seven responses were received during the consultation period which closed at midday on Wednesday 27 June 2018, all agreed with the proposal.

During the consultation period, two public meetings were held on 14 June 2018: 1.30pm at Walton Leigh and 7pm at Manor Mead. One parent attended the meeting at Manor Mead School and discussed the proposals with Local Authority representatives and the Schools Management team.

The parent who attended the meeting expressed support for the proposal. Individual written comments were provided by most respondents which were positive about the benefits this proposal would bring for children, parents and staff. One respondent noted that their agreement was subject to the development of the capacity of the existing building at Walton Leigh School.

We Did

As a result of the consultation process it has been decided to proceed with the proposals and a paper will be presented to the Cabinet Member for All Age Learning in July to recommend the publication of a statutory notice to be issued in the autumn term. This will give a further four week period for interested parties to make representations.

Following this period it is planned that a paper detailing the proposal and consultation outcomes will be presented to the Leader of the Council.