Survey on the Surrey Disability Register

Closed 6 Mar 2020

Opened 27 Jan 2020


Dear Surrey Disability Register member

We are inviting you to give your thoughts and opinions on a proposal to close the Surrey Disability Register.

Many of the benefits arising from the membership of the register are available through other organisations, so we have to consider whether it is right for us to devote time and resources to continuing to operate it.

As a council, we're transforming the way we work to deliver our ambitions for Surrey against an ever increasing demand for services and decreasing budgets.

Reducing overlaps and duplication with other organisations will help us to work more efficiently and effectively for our residents who need us most.

We have been going about our statutory duty to operate this register and, indeed, most neighbouring local authorities do not maintain one.

Why your views matter


The Surrey Disability Register (SDR) is a voluntary register managed by Adult Social Care at Surrey County Council.  The criteria for registration is to be a resident in Surrey with a disability, however, there is no assessment of eligibility nor is there a renewal date for membership.  The key benefits of being on the register are:

  • An identification (ID) card - which can be used where places like leisure centres, cinemas, theme parks offer discounts for disabled customers; to obtain VAT savings on equipment and services purchased in connection with someone's disability.  Concessions are discretionary and may vary;
  • Every member receives a bi-annual newsletter in the format of their choice - email, large print, audio.  The newsletter features news articles with relevant information on disability issues and local organisations, opportunities to get involved, 'have your say' and 'did you know' sections.
  • Access to local groups and networks with information supplied in the newsletter;
  • Registration on the Vulnerable People's Reporting System (VPRS), so that in an emergency we will know if someone in that household has particular needs and can respond accordingly.

Please note the visual impairment register, which is a statutory register, and is managed by Sight for Surrey on behalf of Surrey County Council, is not affected by this proposal.

Given that there are alternative ways of accessing these benefits, we have to consider whether continuing with the register is the best way of allocating our staff time and resources.

We also know that over two thirds (68%) of members are either, existing clients of Adult Social Care, or have been in the last ten years, therefore receiving support directly from the service.

Alternative options offering similar benefits to the register are detailed below:

You could apply for a National Disabled Identification Card (DID).  The aim of the card is to remove the need for individuals to carry their paper documentation with them at all times.  The card will have a photograph of the cardholder and will only be issued to disabled people who are in receipt of some form of disability allowance or medical evidence to support their application.

The card can be used as proof that you are in receipt of an eligible benefit and therefore entitled to concessionary rates.  Many establishments, theatres, museums, attractions, leisure facilities etc. offer concessionary prices for disabled people and in some cases offer free entry to another person assisting the disabled person.

For more information please contact:

DID Card Ltd

PO Box 1072




or visit

You could apply to Surrey Police for a Pegasus card.  This is for anyone who has a disability or illness that may make it hard to communicate with the police in an emergency or difficult situation.

You'll be issued with a card and a personal identification number (PIN) and if you need to call the police, say "Pegasus", tell them your PIN and they'll access your details right away, which will save you time.  You can also show your card to a police officer, member of police staff or other emergency services staff if you need assistance in person and they'll know you may need extra help and support.

Write to:

Pegasus Contact Mgt Administration

Surrey Police

PO Box 101




or email

For more information visit Surrey Police, Pegasus Card Scheme at:

You could join a local disability organisation to stay informed, connected and involved in local issues that matter to you.  These organisations include:

You will find the contact details for these organisations just before the start of the survey.

You could obtain newsletters and information from these user-led organisations, the county council and local health organisations.

If you are online you could sign up to Surrey Matters online magazine to receive information from Surrey County Council:

You could also follow key social media accounts such as:

If you are already receiving support from Adult Social Care, mental health services, community health services and community services provided by the borough and district councils such as Meals on Wheels, then in the event of a civil emergency such as flooding, you will be identified through the Vulnerable People's Reporting System (VPRS) to ensure services are aware of your needs.

If you have any queries regarding this consultation please contact:

The Adult Social Care Information and Engagement Team

Room G34

County Hall

Penrhyn Road

Kingston upon Thames



Telephone: 0300 200 1005

SMS: 07527 182861


Local Organisations:

Surrey Coalition of Disabled People

Telephone: 01483 456558

Text: 07780 933 053


Surrey Independent Living Council

Tel: 01483 458111

SMS: 07919 418099



Surrey Disabled People's Partnership

Tel: 01784 458200

Text: 07519 861452


Sight for Surrey

Offering support for people who are blind or partially sighted, Deaf, deafblind or hard of hearing.

Tel: 01372 377701

SMS: 07860 026269



Action for Carers Surrey

Tel: 0303 040 1234

SMS: 07714 075993



Age UK Surrey

Tel: 01483 503414

SMS: 07548 314281






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