Learning from the lockdown period - Commissioning

Closed 25 May 2020

Opened 11 May 2020


The covid19 outbreak and the lockdown that followed have meant sudden and important changes to the way we work. Most of us are currently at home, and our office has become virtual through collaborative spaces such as Teams. We share documentation and resources in a very different way from the beginning of the year, and we've all had to adapt to new routines and different types of demand.

Why We Are Consulting

The question is simple: what do these changes mean for the future?

Your opinion on this is really important to shape the way we want Commissioning to be.

Is there any part of the way we currently operate you think you'd like to keep? What are the positives from your point of view? What are the challenges?

This survey closes on 25 May - please complete it as soon as you can so you don't forget!



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