Wraparound Childcare Survey (Schools)

Closed 18 Mar 2024

Opened 20 Feb 2024


The national wraparound childcare programme is part of the childcare reforms announced at the 2023 Spring Budget. The government’s ambition is that by 2026, all parents and carers of primary school-aged children who need it will be able to access term time childcare in their local area from 8am-6pm. 

A wraparound childcare provider is anyone who delivers wraparound provision. This can include private, voluntary or independent organisations, schools, childminders and other early years providers.

Parents should expect to see an expansion in the availability of wraparound childcare from September 2024 with every parent who needs it able to access term-time wrapround childcare by September 2026. 

Why your views matter

It's important that we understand what wraparound childcare you are currently delivering or plan to deliver in the future, so that we can identify any potential gaps in the sufficiency of childcare places. 

Depending on your offer this survey may take around 15 mins to complete.  


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  • 0-5 year olds
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