Farnham Library Tree Planting Consultation

Closed 31 Jan 2020

Opened 3 Dec 2019

Feedback Updated 3 Feb 2020

We Asked

We asked about replacement tree planting options for Farnham Library

You Said

You said, you'd like to see a replacement Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) replanted.

We Did

We will plant and maintain at Farnham Library a Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani) tree by end of March 2020.

Results Updated 3 Feb 2020

Thanks to all that responded to the questionnaire. Surrey County Council recieved 49 responses in total, of which the majority (21 respondants) were for replanting with Cedar of Lebanon (Cedrus libani). Therefore we'll replant 1x 3m tall Cedar in suitable location nearby the stump and by end of March 2020.

Many thanks.

James Wade


Surrey County Council as landowner seeks a consensus to the proposed replacement tree species for Farnham Library, as outlined in this questionnaire.

Enabling an informed opinion, each of the preferred tree’s attributes and desired landscaping qualities are described below. For your information all these potential trees are readily available from UK nurseries, enabling us to plant during the winter of 2019/2020.

Ensuring successful establishment, the planting will be watered and maintained by SCC for a minimum of two-years following planting; with any failures replaced during the first available season (October-February) thereafter

Please select from one of the following three single planting options below, the third option is a multiple-choice selection (please choose a maximum of 3 species only), from a list of smaller species, to be planted as a group.

Why We Are Consulting

To give Farnham library users, Farnham Town Council and the general public of Farnham a say on the multiple tree planting options, one of which Surrey County Council intends to implement.

What Happens Next

The results will be collated and the tree planting option with the highest frequency of selection or 'votes' will be the option Surrey County Council implements.


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