East Street Traffic and Parking Management Proposal

Closed 6 Nov 2020

Opened 14 Oct 2020


Surrey County Council’s Local Committee for Epsom & Ewell has been developing a scheme in East Street, between Chuters Grove and Windmill Lane. The objectives of the scheme are:


  •  To reduce congestion in East Street on the southwest-bound approach (from Ewell Village) to the traffic lights at Kiln Lane.
  • To improve road safety by improving visibility for drivers emerging from Chuters Grove.
  • To improve road safety and accessibility for pedestrians on the footway on the southeast side of East Street, between Chuters Grove and Windmill Lane.

The Local Committee’s favoured option to achieve these objectives is to remove all the on-street parking between Chuters Grove and Windmill Lane by installing new double yellow lines, and to install bollards to prevent footway parking. The Local Committee considered the construction of a new layby to be able to preserve the on-street parking, and was initially explored as an option.  Unfortunatly, investigations showed that a new layby would be very expensive as it would necessitate expensive utility diversions, and would require works on both sides of the road to ensure that the layout of the road would not jeopardise the implementation of a cycle route in the future.

Why we are consulting

We realise that this proposed scheme will have positive benefits from some members of the local community, and negative impacts for others. We would be grateful to hear your views as to whether you would support this scheme, and whether you have any other feedback in relation to this scheme.


  • Elmbridge


  • All Surrey residents
  • Surrey businesses


  • Highways