Runnymede Parking Review 2023 to 24 - Albert Road

Closed 23 Sep 2023

Opened 2 Sep 2023


Thank you for your interest in our Residents permit parking proposal.

We will report the results that we receive about this proposal to the Traffic Enforcement and Parking Team manager, who, in consultation with the County Councillor for Addlestone, will consider them and decide how to proceed. If there is more than 70% support from residents, we will formally advertise the proposal in 2024 along with other schemes in the current Runnymede parking review.  

Please note that we will not be looking at these responses in detail until after the deadline for making comments has passed, so please do not include questions or queries in your response. 

Data Protection Information

Your personal data will be used in the process of deciding the outcome of the consultation, which may include sharing any information submitted with appropriate county councillors. We will not share your personal data with any other individual or organisation. We treat all information that we collect in accordance with our data protection policy.


  • Runnymede


  • All Surrey residents


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