Runnymede Parking Review 2023 to 24 - The Broadway, New Haw

Closed 28 Oct 2023

Opened 7 Oct 2023


Thank you for your interest in our informal parking consultation.

In order to promote local shopping and support the businesses in The Broadway, New Haw, we are informally consulting about the idea of introducing maximum stay time limits to the parking spaces along the service roads outside the shops on both sides of The Broadway, but not the parking spaces down the centre of the road, which would remain as they are.

Time limits on the bays directly outside the shops will prevent long stay parking from occupying these spaces all day, so allowing for a more regular turnover of vehicles. This should help support the existing and new businesses, as it will allow customers to park more easily and so promote visiting their local shops. In turn this will help maintain the vibrancy of the local community and the shops thrive, which is so important as empty shops can attract anti-social behaviour and lead a deterioration in the local environment.

Once the consultation has closed we will analyse the feedback received. If there are a significant number of objections to the idea or a very low response rate, we will not proceed and futher with the proposal. 

If there is enough support and a good response rate, we will then formally advertise our intention to introduce the time limited bays, using the most popular days and hours of operation chosen based on the feedback, as part of the Runnymede parking review 2023 to 2024 project. At that time youwill have the opportunity to comment on the final plans. 

Please try and avoid including any information that you do not want to be made public.

Please note that we will not be looking at these responses in detail until after the deadline for making comments has passed, so please do not include questions or queries in your response. 

Data Protection Information

Your personal data will be used in the process of deciding the outcome of the consultation, which may include sharing any information submitted with appropriate county and borough councillors. We will not share your personal data with any other individual or organisation. We treat all information that we collect in accordance with our privacy policies.


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