Secondary School Travel Survey 2022

Closed 13 Apr 2022

Opened 16 Mar 2022


Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey. the travel patterns of school pupils in years 7-13. Please fill in one survey per child in your household. 

All responses are strictly confidential, and your data will be used in-line with our data protection policy which can be found here

Accessibility Statement 

This survey is compatible with speech recognition software and screen readers. Screen Reader Accessible and Large Print versions of this survey can be found at the bottom of this page under ‘related documents’. 

For those with a hearing impairment, please feel free to use our alternative SMS mobile number on: 07968 832611. 

If you require this survey in an alternative format, please contact and we will do our best to assist you. For more information on the accessibility of Surrey Says, please see the Delib Accessibility Policy

Why your views matter

In 2020 an overwhelming 7,000 parents filled out our secondary school's travel survey, making it one of the largest survey responses for the county council in recent times.   

A key response from parents and carers tackling the school run was that they wanted to see better infrastructure and road safety training to help them walk and cycle to school safely.    

Our Travel Demand Management project in 2020/21 saw the implementation of a Modeshift STARS School travel plans at 15 secondary schools across the county.  One of the main initiatives being developed as a result of this work is an Independent Cycling to School course. This involves route planning to use cycle tracks and Level 2 roads as much as possible, then looking at ways to deal with busier or more complex parts of the journey where necessary. 

In addition to the travel plan work mentioned above the county council are considering additional investment in walking and cycling measures outside schools to make walking, cycling and scooting to school easier and safer.  

We are undertaking this survey again, so we can gather key information which will provide us with the ability to understand what our priorities should be when we consider how we can improve the roads and footways around schools, and how we encourage more walking, cycling, scooting, and parking and striding.  

Your feedback will be vital in helping improve pupils' journeys to school. 


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