NHS Health Check Patient Feedback Survey 24/25

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Closes 31 Mar 2024

NHS Health Check Survey

1. Which surgery/GP practice did your NHS health check take place at?
2. What motivated you to attend your NHS health check (tick all that apply)?
3. Were you advised to see a doctor or other health professional following your NHS Health Check?
4. If you were advised to see a doctor or health care professional, did you go?
5. Was there anything you didn’t understand during your NHS Health Check?
6. Following your health check, do you understand how to reduce your QRisk-Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) risk score?
7. Have you or are you considering to make any lifestyle changes following your NHS health check (tick all that apply)?
8. Have you accessed any other services following your health check?
9. How would you rate the experience of your NHS health check?
10. Would you recommend the NHS Health Check Service to friends or family?
11. Are there any other comments you wish to make about the NHS health check service?