Creating Opportunities for Young People Engagement Paper: Your Feedback

Closed 31 Jul 2014

Opened 1 Jul 2014

Feedback updated 4 Oct 2017

We asked

Where do you see the greatest opportunities in our model? What else needs to be put in place for you to be able to support the implementation of this model? Is there anything you would change? If yes please give details.

You said

Importance of careers, education, information, advice and guidance recognised but strong reservations expressed regarding proposed joint venture to offer provision in Surrey. Position of youth work, with a majority view supporting provision coming in house to SCC, although the current providers sought an extension or development of the current arrangements. Need for clarity on local prevention services and links to Early Help Strategy. Concerns regarding the number of commissions with views that some could be merged or better co-ordinated. Concerns that loss of commissions by the voluntary, community and faith sector could reduce funding for the sector.

We did

A proposal for a joint venture with schools and colleges to provide Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) was put out for consultation, but schools expressed the view that they would not wish to pursue it at this time. Therefore, this is not included in the proposals, but a separate review of CEIAG is proposed to be taken forward with schools and colleges. Community youth work to move away from the retained employment model where staff are seconded to Managing Agents. This change is proposed as the retained employment model has led to concerns in relation to performance and responsiveness. Performance and quality will be more closely managed through one single service. Additionally, costs have been incurred by the duplication of management capacity both in the providers and in Surrey County Council to manage the seconded staff. Costs will be reduced through managing staff in one service, as opposed to secondments. One Community Youth Work Service is proposed, with staff managed in a single council service. Local Prevention is retained, but 50% of the commission is focused on one-to-one targeted support for young people, whilst the other 50% remains focused on neighbourhood group based youth work. The one to one targeted support enables targeted support for young people referred for early help as part of the Children, Schools and Families Early Help Strategy. This provides targeted support, which directly contributes to reducing pressures on child protection. Time Banking and Social Action commissions merged to reduce overall number. The new Community Youth Work Service will be managed as a service within Surrey County Council, but a ‘hub and spoke’ model will be explored which commissions youth work from the voluntary, community and faith sector in locations either of less high need or areas currently not provided for. Where this provision is in areas of less high need, the Surrey County Council youth workers previously in that location can be redeployed to areas of higher need, increasing impact in key areas.

Results updated 4 Oct 2017

Please refer to the 'We asked, you said, we did'  tab for the results of this consulation. Garath Symonds - Assistant Director of Services for Young People also sent an update on the 15th of September, which outlines the feedback that we received and how we have taken it on board. If you did not receive this update and would like to, please email

Thank you


Our goal is to ensure that all Surrey young people are employable. This means developing the health, wellbeing, skills, abilities and personal attributes that enhance young people's capability to secure rewarding and satisfying outcomes in their economic, social and community lives.

On the 22nd of April, Cabinet agreed our Young People's Outcomes Framework that describes what we want to acheive with young people from 2015-2020. So far, young peope, staff, partners and providers have all helped us to design our new model which we propose in our Creating Opportunities for Young People Re-commissioning for 2015-2020 Engagement Paper which is attached below.

We now need you to tell us what you think about our model. This is an opportunity for you to help us to improve our proposals before we take them to Cabinet for agreement in September.

We will be collecting your feedback from the 1st of July to the 31st July 2014.


What happens next

There will be opportunities to engage with our proposals throughout July. We will run a range of staff drop in events, attend partner meetings and run a provider event to ensure that everyone gets an opportunity to find out more.

The feedback received will be reviewed by the Project Board who, with the Directorate Leadership Team, will make recommendations to Cabinet in September. The new Commissions will then start between 1.4.15 and 1.1.16.

If you have a query about any part of this process please contact Beth Lackenby, Commissioning Project Officer: 


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