Family Resilience Consultation: Phase one: Children's Centres

Closes 4 Jan 2019

Questions for you

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Thank you for taking the time to read and complete this consultation questionnaire. We estimate that it will take you about 15 minutes to complete. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT MULTIPLE QUESTIONNAIRES.

The analysis of the responses to this consultation will be presented to the county council’s Cabinet early in the new year.

Please note that the information you are being asked to provide is anonymous data. The responses you provide will be used for the purposes of this consultation and may be used to provide feedback on other consultations occurring at this time.

Whilst we will carefully consider the responses that you give in the questionnaire, we are unable to respond to individual comments or questions about the current or future operation of individual services.

The county council has a really important role to play in ensuring that children and families with the most complex needs are well supported and kept safe, but we also know that helping families to build their resilience at the earliest point makes the biggest difference. With this in mind we want to change over time so that we invest more in services that support children's families earlier, so that fewer families end up needing specialist support.

QA. Are you responding on behalf of an organisation or as someone who lives, works or studies in Surrey?


Q1a. Do you have any comments on the new family resilience approach? Please write your response in the box below