Parenting support in Surrey - our current offer

Closed 25 Nov 2016

Opened 31 Oct 2016

Results expected 2 Dec 2016

Feedback expected 9 Jan 2017


This survey will help develop our parenting offer to better support the needs of families across Surrey.

Our parenting offer is being refreshed as part of the Early Help transformation work that is currently taking place. By the end of this piece of work, we aim to have developed parenting provision across Surrey to more accurately meet the needs of parents and families.

We also want to use the Safer Surrey approach in our work going forward. Safer Surrey is a whole system, strengths-based approach, that works on the belief that children and their families have the strengths, resources and ability to recover from adversities.

Why We Are Consulting

The Surrey Parenting Plan 2012-15 is due to be refreshed. In order to refresh the strategy, we need to establish what parenting support is currently available across the county and then see if this matches up with the needs of residents - where it does not, we are looking to make changes to get things right for our residents.

To map residents' needs we will be speaking to a group of families directly about their experiences and will also be using some JSNA data.

What Happens Next

Once we have received feedback from practitioners, we will pull together the results and publish them for you to see. The responses given for the survey will provide us with essential data to inform both the refreshed Parenting Strategy and future commissioning of parenting support and Early Help.


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