Post 16 Transition Survey

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Closes 31 Jul 2020

About your transition

Please tell us what you think about Post 16 Transition in Surrey by answering these questions, tick the boxes that apply to you!

This survey is confidential. This means that we do not know who is completing it.

1. How are you feeling about leaving school and moving on?
2. What do you want to do after you leave school?
3. Do you know what further education and training opportunities are available to you when you leave school/college?
4. Do you feel there are any barriers preventing you from moving on to what you want to do next?
5. What support would enable you to do what you would like to after you leave school? Tick all that apply.
6. Do you feel you need ‘individualised’ support to help you plan and choose what you want to do next?
7. What would help you communicate better in further education, an apprenticeship or employment setting?
8. What would make it easier for you to achieve your next step?