Statutory notice to open a specialist centre at Bell Farm Primary School

Closed 14 Oct 2019

Opened 16 Sep 2019


Surrey County Council in liaison with Bell Farm Primary School, is proposing to open a specialist Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) centre for pupils with Communication and Interaction Needs (COIN).

It is proposed that Bell Farm Primary School hosts a specialist Special Education Needs and Disability (SEND) centre for 21 pupils.  All pupils admitted to the centre would have an EHCP specifying the school as an appropriate placement to meet their individual needs. It is anticipated that the centre would be organised with 3 places per year group, although this number is not fixed and on occasions some year groups may have more or less than 3 pupils.  A bespoke building would be provided for the specialist centre and located within the school grounds.

Surrey County Council and Bell Farm Primary School would like to seek your views on this proposal.  The stsutory notice will be published 16th September 2019 for representations.


Why We Are Consulting

We are now undertaking a consultation on this proposed opening of a specialist centre at Bell Farm Primary School. The Related Documents below contain the detailed proposal and published statutory notices.

Please let us know what you think about the proposals

- either by completing the Online Survey

- or by using the response form in the Related Documents below.

The deadline for returning/submitting representations is on Monday 14th October 2019.


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