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Closed 6 Oct 2023

Opened 11 Sep 2023


In February 2024, Surrey County Council will meet to agree a medium-term (five-year) financial strategy for the council. All local authorities across the country are facing financial challenges and issues outside of our control, such as inflation and rapidly rising demand for services, has increased the cost of providing services. Taking account of this situation, and with statutory services such as social care for adults and children that we have to provide, this means the way in which we use our financial resources is becoming more constrained. 

By law, we have to balance our budget each year - this means we cannot spend more than we receive in income from council tax, grants and other sources. Due to the challenges above, this is an increasingly difficult task. To help inform our decision-making, and make sure we're spending our budget on the right things, we're asking you to share with us what the most important outcomes are that you are looking for from us as an organisation. 

Why your views matter

Your views will inform a draft of the budget, which will be considered by the Cabinet in November 2023. If the draft is agreed, we then plan to consult further over the winter on proposals for balancing the budget in the next financial year for 2024/25. Completing this survey should take no more than 10 minutes

This survey is open until 23:59 on Friday 6 October 2023. If you need an alternative format to take part, please email or call 03456 009 009.


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