Chipstead Village - 20mph speed limit with "light touch" measures

Closes 16 Aug 2024

Opened 12 Jul 2024


Thank you for your interest in our proposed 20mph speed limit with "light touch" measures in Chipstead.

Concerns have been raised by local residents and others regarding vehicle speeds and road safety in Chipstead. As a result proposals have been put forward for a 20mph speed limit to be installed on a number of roads in Chipstead.

The proposal:

In response to the concerns raised, speed surveys have been carried out on a number of roads throughout Chipstead which shows that, on several roads, the recorded mean speeds comply with the introduction of a successful 20mph speed limit using "light touch" measures. These "light touch" measures include enhanced 20mph signs, such as yellow backed 20mph signs, 20mph road markings and vehicle activated signs, and should help to reduce drivers speeds to the proposed 20mph limit.

The attached plan shows the proposed 20mph speed limits with "light touch" measures. 

Unfortunately, experience shows that changing to a lower speed limit using "light touch" measures alone will not be successful in reducing the speed of traffic by very much if the existing recorded mean speeds are much higher than the proposed lower speed limit. Therefore, due to the existing recorded mean speeds on Hazelwood Lane being above 28mph, the installation of "light touch" measures will not be successful at reducing drivers speeds to 20mph. Therefore it is not feasible to install a 20mph speed limit in Hazelwood Lane, which would successfully reduce drivers speed to 20mph at this time.  

Chipstead 20mph drawing

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Why your views matter

We want to know what you think about the proposed 20mph speed limits and the views that you express will influence what happens next.  It is therefore very important that you complete the online survey, which is available via the link at the bottom of this page.

Please complete the survey by Friday August 16th 2024  to ensure your views are considered. 

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