Farnham town centre business questionnaire – summer 2023

Closed 21 Aug 2023

Opened 12 Jul 2023


As part of the proposed improvements to Farnham town centre, the Farnham Infrastructure Programme (FIP) wants to hear from all businesses which operate in the town centre about their current access and delivery arrangements. 

To ensure the long-term vitality of Farnham town centre with a growing economy, we need to understand business activity of the town. This will help us with the final design of improvements for everyone who lives, works, studies in and visits the town.

The improvements include providing formal loading bays in key locations around the town centre for the first time. The loading bays will make it easier for retailers and other businesses to receive deliveries without causing congestion to road users or obstructing pavements for pedestrians.

Please fill in the questionnaire, let us know your activity and encourage businesses around you to do the same.  Even if many of the questions aren’t relevant to you, it would still be helpful to have your contact details so we can get in touch if we need to. We are publicising this through a number of channels to reach as many businesses as possible, but you only need to fill it in once.  

Useful information: 

Please note that this questionnaire is for businesses only. If there are any other questions or feedback about the Farnham Infrastructure Programme, please email farnham.infrastructureprogramme@surreycc.gov.uk 


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