Frenches Road/Ormside Way, Redhill junction improvements

Closed 8 Dec 2023

Opened 10 Nov 2023


Thank you for your interest in junction improvements at the junction of Frenches Road/Ormside Way, Redhill.

The legislation we must follow before introducing this scheme means that we need to allow objections and comments from the public to be considered before a final decision is reached about whether or not to go ahead with our preferred scheme in its current form.

Our proposals are as follows:

1)The construction of a set of speed cushions on Ormside Way, 4 metres North of the bell mouth of the junction with Frenches Road. The aim of which is to reduce vehicle speeds on the approach to this junction.

2) The construction of a set of speed cushions on Frenches Road, placed at a distance of 15 metres North of the northern kerbline of the access into 211 Frenches Road. Likewise to reduce the speed of vehicles on approach to this junction.

3) To reduce the width of the bell mouth of the junction of Frenches Road by extending the kerb line on the southern side of this junction. This will reduce the time required for pedestrians to cross the carriageway at this junction.

4) To restrict vehicles travelling North on Ormside Way from turning left into Frenches Road. This is to increase the safety for pedestrians crossing Frenches Road in the vicinity of this junction.

Lime Tree Primary School is located approximately 150m to the north of this junction. There are a large number of pedestrians walking/cycling/scooting from the Canalside/Holmesdale Avenue area which is to the southeast of this junction and cross the bell mouth of Frenches Road at the existing informal crossing point. However, when standing at the informal crossing on the southern side of Frenches Road, visibility of traffic travelling on Ormside Way northbound towards the junction is poor. Also, cars entering Frenches Road at this junction (especially those travelling southbound on Frenches Road turning right into Frenches Road) turn into Frenches Road at speed.  

Please click here to see the proposed plan

If you would like to object, support, or comment on the proposal, please use the Online Survey linked at the bottom of the page, or alternatively, write to:

Traffic Regulation Orders Team, Hazel House, Merrow Lane, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7BQ

by 08 December 2023

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