Parking proposals - Elmbridge parking review 2023

Closes 22 Dec 2023

Opened 24 Oct 2023


Thank you for your interest in our parking proposals. If you're not sure what they are, please check the information on our website.

After 22 December we'll collate and analyse all the responses received, and then the Parking and Traffic Enforcement Manager in consultation with the county councillor for the area concerned will consider this and decide how to proceed.

We will write to anyone who responds to the advertisement to let them know the outcome, and we'll also publish a summary of the comments and objections and the outcomes on our website, so please try and avoid including any information that you do not want to be made public.

Please note that we will not be looking at these responses in detail until after the deadline for making comments has passed, so please do not include questions or queries in your response.

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Accessibility Statement

This survey is compatible with speech recognition software and screen readers. If you require this survey in an alternative version and/or if you have any queries about the survey, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you:
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