Local List for validating planning applications

Closed 6 Oct 2020

Opened 11 Aug 2020


Surrey County Council, as the County Planning Authority (CPA), has a statutory duty to control three categories of development within Surrey:

  • Those relating to mineral workings (extraction processing etc) like sand, gravel or clay
  • Those relating to waste recycling, recovery, processing or disposal
  • Those relating to County own development including schools, fire stations and roads (Regulation 3)

Under Article 11 of the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 local authorities are required to produce lists of the information that they require to make a planning application. These are called local lists (validation checklists), and they are lists of the information required for different types of applications. Paragraph 44 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) (2019) makes it clear that planning authorities should only request supporting information that is relevant, necessary and material to the application and requires all planning authorities to review their validation checklists at least every two years. These points are also made in paragraphs 038 – 43 [Reference ID: 14-043-20140306] of the National Planning Policy Guidance (NPPG).

In April 2017 Surrey County Council formally adopted a Local List for the Validation of County Development and County Matters Planning Applications. The Planning Department is now in the process of reviewing the local list.

As part of this review the format of the document has been changed to meet website content accessibility regulations coming into force later this year.

An updated Local List has been produced - this consultation details the changes made and the new proposed documents. Following feedback from this consultation the Local List will then be taken to the Planning & Regulatory committee with a recommendation for adoption.

What happens next

The feedback is now being considered and any necessary changes made to the Local List documents. It will then be presented to the Planning & Regulatory Committee at a forthcoming meeting with a recommondation to adopt it. Following adoption it will replace the 2017 version on our website.


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