Shaping Surrey's Community Recycling Centres

Closed 30 Sep 2015

Opened 15 Jul 2015


Increased demand for essential services such as adult social care and school places, coupled with reduced Government funding, means Surrey County Council needs to review its spend on all the services it provides for the county’s residents.

Why your views matter

One of those services is waste, where the council currently spends around £57 million a year. This includes 15 community recycling centres (CRCs), where 145,000 tonnes of waste and recycling are taken every year by Surrey residents.

The council has already reduced the cost of running the CRCs by introducing a permit scheme for trade waste; checking ID to ensure only Surrey residents are visiting the CRCs; and helping residents to recycle more by increasing the number of materials that can be recycled.

The aim of this CRC review is to make further savings while maintaining this important service to residents. To achieve this we need your views. Plans will only be finalised once you have had your say on the options below:

1. Introducing charges for non-household waste (such as DIY waste) or not accepting it at all.

2. Reducing opening hours on weekdays.

3. Closing CRCs on the least busy weekdays.

4. Full closure of some CRCs.

5. Only accepting waste at CRCs in clear plastic bags.

6. Selling good quality second hand items at CRCs.

So please complete this short questionnaire by 30 September and help us to ensure we spend the budget on providing the services you need the most.

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What happens next

The results will be collated and will help to inform a cabinet report which will make recommendations about the Community Recycling Centre service. Members will then make decisions on whether to action any of the recommendations made in the report. Your views will be reflected in the report to help members decide which prosposals to approve.


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