St Josephs School, Linkfield Lane Proposed Zebra Crossing & Road Safety Improvements

Closed 10 Jun 2024

Opened 20 May 2024

Results expected 28 Jun 2024

Feedback expected 28 Jun 2024


Thank you for coming to our online survey to tell us your thoughts on the Zebra crossing and Road Safety Proposals for St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, Redhill. 


In September 2023, while crossing Linkfield Lane on their way to school, a grandmother and 2 children were involved in a collision.   Surrey County Council Road Safety Officers visited the school to assess the opportunities to improve the highway to make it safer to access the school. A feasibility study, funded by money allocated by Cllr Natalie Bramhall, recommended implementing a zebra crossing close to the school gates, widening the footway, and removing on-street parking in the vicinity of the school gates.  

The proposed road safety measures have the following objectives:

  • Improve pedestrian priority and accessibility, including making it easier to cross Linkfield Lane and access St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
  • Encourage more children and families to walk, cycle or scoot to school.
  • Remove the barriers to active travel to reduce congestion and air pollution at the school gates.

Proposed Works - A Plan is available to here:here

Raised Zebra Crossing

Zebra Crossings give priority to pedestrians, and drivers are required to stop and give way. 

We propose to introduce a 4m wide zebra crossing on a raised table on Linkfield Lane, near to the school gates.  The safety of pedestrians will be improved by the raised table as it will encourage drivers to reduce their speeds as they approach the zebra crossing.  The new levels will also provide a milder gradient for the crossing users, and will be beneficial for the visually/mobility impaired. 

To allow for the crossing to be installed, it will be necessary to implement white crossing zig zag markings to prevent cars from parking and obstructing visibility between children, families and motorists.

Parking Restrictions 

One of the key priorites of the scheme is to improve road safety in the area immediately outside the school.  To encourage more chldren and famlies to walk and cycle to school  we are proposing to introduce Double Yellow Lines on the school side of Linkfield Lane and remove the existing on-street parking facilities.  This will mean a loss of approximately 15 car parking spaces.  The loss of on-street parking must be balenced agaisnt the potential for improved safety on the area of the school.  

Removal of existing Lay-by/Improved Public Space

To facilitate a wider footway next to the zebra crossing, the existing bus parking lay-by will be removed.  Environmental enhancement measures will be introduced to create an improved public space for the benefit of all the community.  Examples of possible features:

  • Cycle Stands
  • Rain gardens with seat benches
  • Appropriate greenery/trees/biodiverse planting 






Why your views matter

Please use the online survey linked at the bottom of the page to leave your comments.

Please respond by Monday 10th June 2024 to have your say 

The views provided during the consultaton will be carefully considered together with comments recieved from other key stakeholders (such as the school and emergency services) before deciding how to proceed. 

Updated on the reslts of the consultation and the decision on how to proceed will be posed on this consultation webpage. 

We hope to implement the scheme during the summer 2024 holidays, at the same time as the planned road surfacing works for Linkfield Lane, thought the exact timing cannot yet be confirmed. 

Thank you very much for takng the time to read the above information. We hope you have found it helpful, and we look forward to recieving your views. 


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