St Paul’s Road, Wapshott Road, Bowes Road and Cornwall Way (Egham Hythe) - Proposed Traffic Management Measures

Closed 8 Sep 2023

Opened 5 Jul 2023


Thank you to everyone that responded to the consultation.  The results are as follows:

Option 1 – Point Closures and a 20mph zone - 32% of votes

Option 2 – Traffic calming measures (speed cushions and road tables) and a 20mph zone - 46% of votes

Option 3 – "Do nothing" - Leave roads unchanged - 22% of votes

The attached leaflet provides further details about the measures that were proposed.   

The above results, and the additional comments submitted, have been considered in consultation with the local county councillor and the decision has been made to proceed with introducing Option 2.  

The next step is to prepare the detailed design for the scheme. Once the design has been finished and a safety audit has been undertaken, legal process will then need to be completed before the scheme can be constructed.

We currently hope to install the scheme before the end of March 2024.  However, this is a provisional timescale at this stage and there are several factors which could potentially impact on it.     


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