Waste plan - residents survey

Closed 12 Oct 2014

Opened 3 Jul 2014


Dealing with the huge amount of waste generated in Surrey homes is the challenging and costly job undertaken by the Surrey Waste Partnership, which is made up of Surrey County Council and the 11 district and borough councils in the county.

Surrey’s Plan for Waste Management outlines how we do it and on a regular basis we take a fresh look at the plan and update it. This ensures we’re continuing to manage Surrey’s waste in the best, most cost effective way.

As a result we have developed six key principles that we believe should be at the heart of the revised plan and enable us to deal effectively with Surrey’s waste:

  • Ensure Surrey’s waste and recycling services meet residents’ current and future needs.
  • Help all of the organisations involved in the reuse, recycling or disposal of waste to work together effectively.
  • Provide value for money for the Surrey taxpayer.
  • Benefit the environment, community and economy.
  • Think of waste and recycling as a resource rather than something that gets thrown away.
  • Develop services innovatively.


But we can’t follow these principles without our residents’ help. So we need you to tell us how we can help you to reduce, reuse and recycle more of Surrey’s waste.

Please complete this short questionnaire and help ensure that our revised Plan for Waste Management meets our needs and yours.


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