Your experience of Maternity Services across Surrey

Closed 18 Aug 2017

Opened 19 Jun 2017


Surrey Heartlands was selected as one of seven Early Adopter areas to test and implement recommendations from the ‘Better Births review’; improving outcomes of maternity services in England (Feb 2016). Key recommendations centre on making care safer, more personalised, kinder, and professional and more family friendly delivered from high performing teams in well-led and innovative organisations.

This survey gives you a chance to co-design local maternity services with commissioners and providers and other key maternity systems leads. Your views will be used to help shape maternity services in the provision of more choice, continuity of care and personalisation for service users.

As part of our commitment to information governance all data collected will be held securely and reported anonymously. Please do not provide any personal details or confidential information in response to any of the questions below.


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