1.2 million New Trees for Surrey

Closes 31 Dec 2030

Opened 25 Oct 2021


 1.2 million new trees initiative

As part of Surrey's ambition to be a carbon neutral county by 2050, our Climate Change Strategy sets out a target to facilitate the planting of 1.2 million new trees (one for every resident) by 2030. Our vision is that "by 2030, Surrey will benefit from 1.2 million new trees, with the right trees planted in the right place, including both urban and rural locations, and supported to grow to maturity."

Trees play an important role in sequestering carbon dioxide, as well as alleviating the impacts of climate change they can also provide significant benefits in terms of air quality, biodiversity, health and wellbeing, education and the economy.

Can you help us reach our target?

  • Do you have space suitable for tree planting?
  • Would you like funding to plant trees on your land?
  • Would you like help & advice to choose the right trees?

We are looking residents, businesses, landowners, and partners to work together with us to plant the ‘right tree in the right place’ for this, and future planting seasons.  We are also interested in planting hedges and woody shrubs, so there are many ways to help.

If you have any queries, would like more information, or would like to plant a tree or trees please submit your details here and we will contact you within 28 days or less. Thank you for your interest in Surrey's Greener Future.

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